How much do you know about the moisture-proof knowledge of hairdressing and beauty chairs?

Now, there are many types of barber chairs. The seat cushion and backrest are mostly made of leather or fabric, and the overall frame is mainly made of wood or metal. No matter which material is used, it is prone to moisture or mildew on continuous rainy days. So what? How about preventing the barber chair from getting wet?

barber chairs

1. Cortex part: The leather will become cold and hard when it is wet, some corners are prone to mildew, and even some furniture will be deformed or faded when wet. After dust removal and mildew removal, mink oil, leather oil, etc. should be applied to the leather surface. Leather sofa can put some desiccant under it to keep the sofa dry.

2. Fabric part: The fabric is moisture-proof. Use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface. You can blow the sofa with low-grade hot air from the duct, which will help remove moisture from the sofa.

3. Wood part: The key to wood moisture resistance is to maintain its luster. It can be evenly coated on the furniture surface with special cleaning agent or protective wax, and then gently wipe.

4. Wood-based panel part: If the edge sealing is not good or damp, it is easy to absorb water, causing the wood-based panel to expand or be damaged. Therefore, when starting to use wood-based panels, waterproof measures should be taken, and a layer of waterproof material should be added to the parts that are easy to absorb water. Pad or do a good job of closing measures.

5. Metal parts: Always wipe metal parts with a dry rag in rainy days. If there is rust, it can be removed with a rag or toothbrush dipped in rust inhibitor, then polished with a dry cloth.

Post time: Jun-01-2022
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