How to choose the fabric diversity of barber chair

There are so many kinds of fabrics that customers do not know which one is more appropriate. And the fabrics on the market are sundries, only sufficient understanding how to choose good, ability chooses the managing capacity chair that suits oneself more.

Generally, thin fabrics with printed patterns are cheap because of their simple process; And the pattern such as decorative pattern is thicker, also taller reach. The design that observes fabric carefully when choose and buy is to belong to which kind of case, the design that wefts gives by different longitude and weft has stereo feeling, do not resemble printing fabric in that way smooth.

Have again, the fabric that weaves by pure cotton, pure wool is more common the fabric grade of rayon is tall.

And cortical capacity chair has two layers of skin, a layer of skin is more outside a layer, this layer of cowhide toughness is good, elastic, made into capacity chair, after repeated sitting pressure is not easy to break, is high and fabric, with a special magnifying glass to see the first layer of skin can also see clear pores.

2 skin is piece turn around the skin that layer skin leaves, the surface tension of 2 skin and tenacity all are inferior to the first layer skin, fabrics of paint film of the surface are used for a long time often can affect integral result and price, because this needs careful selection, of course inside fill content also does not allow to ignore.

The use of two leather sofa fabric, easy to produce cracks, in the purchase should pay special attention to distinguish the two skin can be seen through a magnifying glass pore is the first layer of skin; Pinch leather with the hand, feel soft, elastic good for the first layer of skin.

Post time: Jun-20-2022
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