How do you choose a barber chair suitable for children?

We all know that barber chairs are used for sitting and cutting hair. As people’s requirements for products are getting higher and higher, there are more and more types and materials. Barber chair refers to the supply of barber shops, hair salons, medical hair salons and other places. Customers sit in chairs for haircuts. Hydraulic pumps usually have functions such as height adjustment and rotation. The barber chair is equipped with a hydraulic oil pump, the height of the chair can be adjusted, and it is convenient for the hair stylist to cut the hair. It also has functions such as a swivel seat and a seat back that can be reclined to a certain angle. So how to choose a children’s barber chair?

salon children's chair

1. Materials of children’s barber chair

Brand children’s barber chairs generally use high leather, which meets the national environmental protection standards. Completely non-toxic and odorless. Filled with high-quality sponge inside, soft and comfortable, durable and not deformed. Make it more comfortable for your baby to sit during a haircut.

2. Children’s barber chair modeling

Children’s barber chair is different from ordinary barber chair, its fashionable and simple design, cute cartoon shape, it is easier to attract children’s love. Equipped with a complete belt, it makes children more comfortable when cutting hair, and parents feel more at ease.

3. Lifting function

Children have different heights and heights, so they need to buy a lift function. The height can be adjusted by the lifting rod, allowing the barber to find the most comfortable and suitable height for the baby’s haircut. The adjustable range is generally 8CM. The lift rod must be strong and durable, and it must be flexible and free to lift.

4. Rotation function

When buying a children’s barber chair, pay attention to whether it has a swivel function, because it is more convenient and flexible to have a swivel function, which avoids the barber going back and forth, and is more complete.

5. Children’s barber chair chassis

The chassis of the children’s barber chair is divided into two types: removable and non-removable. They have their own advantages and disadvantages: non-removable and fixed, the baby will not move with the chair when sitting on the chair, and the overall performance is high; removable, easy to adjust the position, clean, and use a large space. high speed. Common styles are discs and five-pointed stars, which need to be selected according to personal preferences.



Post time: Jun-01-2022
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